Picture Day on November 1st

November 1, 2011 (05:00 PM) - November 1, 2011 (07:00 PM)
November 1, 2011


Hi Dolphins,

On November 1st we will be having pictures taken of the team.  You can also have individual pictures taken of your children.  The team picture will be taken at 6pm and individual pictures will start at 5pm.  Please arrive early and have your swimmer wear their navy blue swim suit.

While the kids are getting their pictures taken we will have several areas to sign-up for various team needs on the patio:

Yearly USA Swimming Registration – Jennifer will be up at the pool to complete your paperwork for those of you who have not registered for 2012 USA Swimming.  After this day your paperwork will be in your folder.  Sooner is better than later with signing up, but you do have until the end of the year.   Your swimmer cannot swim without a current USA Swimming registration.

Sweatshirt and team gear – Allegra will have our new sweatshirt design available for pre-orders.  T-shirts, bumper stickers, and bags will also be available.

Volunteer sign-up for our January7th meet – We are going to be hosting a meet on January 7th.  This will be a one day meet and once again to make it a success we will need all hands on deck.  If you sign-up to volunteer the entire meet we will refund you your event fees after the meet.  You must volunteer for the entire day to receive your event fees back.  November 1st, you will get first choice for what you would like to volunteer.  After this date we will post sign-up on the website.

Contributions for the meet - There will be a sign-up sheet for supplies the team will need for the meet.  By contributing this will keep the team’s overhead down!!

Make sure to bring your check book for the photos (to be made out to Captured by Lisa) and for team gear and USA registration (to be made out to FHD).

Attached is a copy of the cost flier for the photos.

If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail the board at

Thank you,

Dolphins Board